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Specialised Coaching

Specialised coaching programmes are designed to help a golfer concentrate on and become expert in a particular part of the game

Bespoke Coaching


Bespoke coaching bundles can be put together to suit your needs and time restraints. As a coach I am happy to merge parts of any Coaching packages I offer, in order for you to get the best out of our time together. 


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Vision54 - Performance Routine

As a Vision54 Alumni (Dave54) I can now offer a unique coaching package that focuses on a golfers Performance Routine - what they do before, during and after a shot whilst looking at how they handle their body and emotions in between shots.


Aimed at golfers of all levels, this session will allow you to master your routines, and you will leave with a greater understanding of how you can get the best out of your performance every single time.


Performance Package Plus includes an on course experience where we can put your new found skills to the test.


Performance Package             £55.00 (90 Minutes)


Perofrmance Package Plus          £99.00 (3 Hours)

Skill 18 Golf Psychology 


A golf psychology programme that focuses on the game from 100 yards and in. Broken down into three sections, six lessons in each area, the coaching allows a golfer to focus on a specific area or change their whole approach to the scoring part of the game.




Individual Skill 18 session (90 minutes)        £65.00

Section (6 Sessions)                                   £300.00

Full Skill 18 Programme (18 Sessions)       £850.00


ART Practice


As an extesion of Skill18, there is now a coaching package that focuses specifically on mastering your emotions and routine during performance.


ART Practice enables the golfer to control their Awareness and Routines through the Top Pocket method of kinaesthetic mapping.


ART Practice Programme (5 Hours)           £185.00


  • Consultation
  • Routine Review
  • Introduction of ART Practice
  • On course ART Practice




BLAST Putting Sessions


Indoor and Outdoor use of this unique putting measuring device are available all year around. Offers great feedback on tempo, clubface control and speed. On course lessons area also available.


£40.00 per session 



Vision54 - SuperCoach Certified

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